Months of research and an unknown amount of taste-testing went into the development of The Rumpus Room's beer list incorporating 25 drafts, 150 domestic, craft and rare beers you don't have to leave the country to taste. Options include firkins and beer on the engine (a device for dispensing beer using a pump operated by hand). Highlights from the hotly debated and frequently-changing draft beer list include: UniBroue Raftman, Hitachino Nest White Ale, NOgne Imperial Brown Ale, G. Schneider & Sohn Avenitus.

The spirits offerings are divided between an exhaustive "brown liquor" list made up of more than 75 bourbons, 75 scotches, 50 whiskeys, 50 rums, 25 tequilas. Craft cocktails are produced in rare, small-batch productions with a special focus on local producers, house-made reductions, syrups and house barrel-aged cocktails.

We are proud to offer wines from the Niven Family Estates available by the glass or carafe as well as 50 bottles under $50 and 25 that are not.


Craft Beer on Draft

Our Draft Beer list changes almost daily so please check for upates. 

Not beer but still on tap:

Sprecher Root Beer, Milwaukee, WI
Style: Sarsaparilla    3.00
If you haven’t heard of it already, ask anyone in the room around you what the best root beer in the world is. 

Bottled Beer

Light Bodied Ales and Lagers
Clean, crisp tastes and generally light on the palate. In Bavaria these are often called ‘Flussiges Brot’ which translates as ‘Liquid Bread’.  Great aperitifs or good with foods that won’t overpower them.  Try with the daily flatbread or one of our delicious salads.   

Great Lakes Brewing Dortmunder Gold, Cleveland, OH
Style: Dortmunder Export  ABV: 5.8%    5.50

New Glarus Two Women, New Glarus, WI
Style: German Pilsner, ABV: 5.0%    5.00

New Glarus Spotted Cow, Wisconsin
Style: Cream Ale, ABV: 4.8%    5.00

Epic Lager, New Zealand, 16.9 oz
Style: Lager ABV: 5%    19.00

Left Hand Polestar, Colorado
Style: Pilsner ABV: 5.5%    6.00

Reissdorf Germany, 11.2oz
Style:  Kolsch ABV: 4.8%    9.00

Potosi Good ‘Ol Potosi, Potosi, WI
Style:  American Blonde Ale    ABV: 5%    5.00

Three Floyd’s Gorch Fock, Munster, IN
Style: Imperial Helles    ABV: 5.2%    19.00

Staropramen, Staropramen, Czech Republic
Style: Chzech Pilsner    ABV: 5.0%    6.00 

Wheat Beer

Beers brewed with a healthy amount of wheat tend to be brisk and light on the palate, with racy, thirst quenching acidity.  Proteins from the wheat give the beer a hazy glow.  Great brunch beers, as many of these taste like bananas with a little spice.  For a perfect flavor marriage, get the chicken wings with harissa and yogurt.  
Stillwater Artisnal Ales Jaded, Gypsy Brewer
Style: Belgian Dark Wheat Ale ABV:10% 330ml    19.00

Fritz Briem 1809, Germany
Style: Berliner Weiss 16.9 oz, ABV: 5%     11.00

Schneider and Sohn Aventinus 2006, Germany
Style: Weizenbock ABV: 8.2% 16.9oz    23.00

Bell’s Oarsman Ale, Michigan
Style: Berliner Weiss ABV: 4%     5.00

Alaskan White Ale, Alaska
Style: Wit ABV: 5.3%     5.00

Upland Wheat, Bloomington, IN
Style: American Wheat Ale    ABV: 4.5%    5.00

Pale Ales

Hop centered but still well balanced with the light to medium malts.  Hops are often described as citrusy, herbal, or spicy.  So they tend to be versatile with food.  Try one of these with a nice juicy ribeye or maybe the fried chicken sandwich.

Fullers London Pride, London, UK
Style: Extra Special Bitter ABV: 4.7% 16.9 oz     11.00

Well’s Bombardier, England, 16 oz can
Style: Extra Special Bitter ABV: 4.3%    5.00

O’SO Hopdinger, Plover, WI
Style: American Pale Ale    ABV: 6%    5.00

Potosi Cave Ale, Potosi,WI
Style: English Pale Ale     ABV: 6.5%    11.00

New Glarus Moon Man, Wisconsin
Style: American Pale Ale, ABV: 5%,    5.00

New Glarus Black Top, Wisconsin
Style: Black IPA   ABV: 6.9%    5.00

Mikkeller Koppi IPA, Gypsy Brewer
Style: American IPA ABV: 6.9%    19.00

India Pale Ale (IPA)
Imperial India Pale Ales (IIPA)

HOP BOMBSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Yeah that many esses was necessary to convey the hoppiness of these beers. Something to note with these beers.  Hops amplify spiciness in food, so be careful with the extra hot sauce on your wings.  A nice well-charred burger can stand up to these beers nicely as well as the Pork Scnitzel.

Bear Republic Racer 5, California
Style: IPA,     ABV: 7%     6.00

Ale Asylum Ballistic IPA, Madison, WI
Style: IPA      ABV:7.5%        6.00

Ale Asylum Bedlam, Madison, WI
Style: Belgian IPA      ABV:7.5%     6.00

Mikkeller, Koppi IPA, Gypsy Brewer
Style: American IPA    ABV: 6.9%     19.00

Laughing Dog, IPA, Indiana
Style: American IPA    ABV: 6.5%     8.00 

O'So, Lupulin Maximus, Madison
Style: English IPA    ABV: 9.0% 9.00
*Note: Do not be afraid, there is a hop cone in the bottle

Dark Horse, Crooked Tree, Michigan
Style: American IPA    ABV: 6.0%     7.00 

New Belgium, Ranger, Fort Collins, CO
Style: IPA      ABV:  6.5%    7.00

Amber Ales and Lagers

Versatility is the name of the game here.  Ambers tend to be well balanced between a snappy hop bitterness and strong malty backbone.  One of our house favorites is pairing these with the pork shoulder.
Alaskan Brewing  Alaskan Amber, Juneau, AK
Style: Alt Beer ABV: 5.3%    6.00

Lagunitas Censored(Kronik), Petaluma, CA
Style: Amber Ale ABV: 6.8%     6.00

Sprecher Special Amber, Milwaukee, WI
Style: Vienna Lager ABV: 6.5%    6.00

Sam Adams Boston Lager, Boston, MA
Style: Vienna Lager ABV: 4.9%    5.50

Lake Louie Mosquito Beach, Arena WI
Style: California Common     ABV: 6.2%    5.50

Central Waters, Ouisconsing, Amherst, WI
Style: Amber Ale     ABV: 4.8%    5.50

O'So, Dank Imperial Red, Madison
Style: American Red Ale    ABV: 9.2%   9.00

Bear Republic, Red Rocket, California
Style: American Red Ale   ABV: 6.8%    6.00

Lakefront, Fixed Gear, Milwaukee
Style: American Red Ale    ABV: 6.5%    6.00 

Brown Ales, American, British, Scottish

Tyranena Rocky’s Revenge, Lake Mills, WI
Style: American Brown Ale ABV: 6%    5.00

Rogue Hazelnut* Brown Ale, Newport, OR
Style: Brown Ale ABV: 6.2%22 oz “Bomber”    19.00
*real nuts used!    

Rogue JJ Hazelnut Rum Barrel Aged, Ashland, OR
Style: American Brown Ale     ABV: 5%    19.00

New Belgium 1554, Fort Collins, CO
Style: Black Ale ABV: 5.6%    6.00

Lake Louie Louie’s Reserve, Arena, WI
Style: Scotch Ale   ABV: 9.5%      7.00

Moylan’s Kiltlifter Larkspur, CA
Style: Scotch Ale    ABV: 8%    15.00

Grand Teton Bitch Creek, Victor, ID
Style: Extra Special Brown  ABV: 6.0%    6.00


 Dark and roasty but not so much that these beers are not versatile food companions.  English versions are perfect for our scallops or oysters, whereas American versions might be better with the braised pork belly or sweetbreads.  Also don’t shy away from getting a nice steak with these, there is a reason there is a cut of steak called ‘porterhouse’.

Bell’s Brewery  Kalamazoo, Michigan
Style: Robust Porter ABV: 5.6%    6.00

Anchor Steam San Francisco, California
Style: Robust Porter ABV: 5.6%    6.00

Sierra Nevada  Chico, California
Style: Robust Porter ABV: 5.6%    6.00

Samuel Smith Taddy Porter, Tadcaster, UK
Style: English Porter  ABV: 5%    9.00

Founders Grand Rapids, Michigan
Style: Robust Porter ABV: 6.5%    7.00

NØgne Porter, Norway, 16.9 oz
Style: Robust Porter ABV: 7%     19.00

Renaissance Elemental, New Zealand, 16.9 oz
Style: Robust Porter ABV: 6%     19.00

Flying Dog Gonzo, Maryland
Style: Imperial Porter ABV: 9.2%     8.00

Bock, Mai/Dopple/Eis/Traditional

Bock means goat in German.  But don’t be worried these beers don’t taste ‘Goaty’(also not a word).  These lagers are strong and malty but have a certain smooth finesse that make them great all around food beers.  

Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Newport, Oregon
Style: Maibock ABV: 6.5%    7.00

Ayinger  Celebrator Aying, Germany
Style: Dopplebock ABV: 6.7%    9.00

Kulmbacher Eisbock, Kulmbach, Germany
Style: Eisbock ABV: 9.2%    8.50

Spoetzle Shiner Bock, Shiner, Texas
Style: Bock ABV: 4.4%    5.00

Capital Blonde Dopplebock, Wisconsin
Dopplebock ABV: 7.8%     8.00

New Holland Charkoota Rye – Holland,MI
Style: RauchDoppel     ABV: 7.75%    15.00

Capital, Tett Dopplebock, Wisconsin
Style: Dopplebock    ABV: 8.0%      10.00

Capital, Maibock, Wisconsin
Style: Maibok   ABV: 6.2%    6.00 

Stout, Russian Imperial Stout (RIS),
Oatmeal, Sweet

Think of these as SuperPorters.  Chocolate, coffee,  roasted flavors all take center stage here.  Enough roast to hold up to a charbroiled steak, and the stout braised lamb is perfect, but don’t be afraid to get a coffee stout with breakfast!  Thinking of dessert?  These beers hold up to thick chocolate dishes as well as compliment fruity desserts.

Left Hand Milk Stout, Longmont, CO
Style: Sweet Stout ABV: 6%     5.50

Central Waters  Brewhouse Coffee Stout, Amherst, WI
Style: American Stout ABV: 8.2%     6.50

Central Waters Satin Soltice, Amherst, WI
Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 7.5%    5.50

Central Waters  Peruvian Morning, Amherst, WI
Style:  Imperial Stout      ABV: 8.5%    10.00

Kiuchi Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout, Japan
Style: Coffee Stout     ABV: 7.5%    11.00

North Coast Old Rasputin, Fort Bragg, CA
Style: Russian Imperial Stout    ABV: 9%     8.00

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, Tadcaster, UK
Style: Oatmeal Stout    ABV: 5.0%     9.00

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, Colorado, 12 oz can
Style: Imperial Stout    ABV: 10.5%     9.00

Mikkeller Black Hole Stout (Red Wine), Gypsy Brewer
Style: Imperial Stout    ABV: 13.1%        19.00

Southern Tier Mokah, Lakewood, NY
Style: Imperial Stout    ABV: 11.2%        17.00

Nebraska Black Betty, Nebraksa
Style: Russian Imperial Stout     ABV:  9.3%  750ml        35.00

Strong Ale

A big catch-all category for big, high alcohol beers.  Perfect to finish off a meal with.  Maybe skip dessert and end with a cheese plate.  Our strong, 100% Wisconsin made cheeses go perfectly with beers of this caliber.  

Lagunitas Lucky 13, Petaluma, CA
Style: Strong Ale   ABV: 8.5% 22 oz “bomber”    13.00

New Holland Dragons Milk, Holland, MI
Style: Strong Ale   ABV: 10%     12.00

Fullers Vintage Ale, London, UK
Style: Strong Ale ABV: 8.5% 16.9 oz    19.00

Harviestoun Ola Dubh  12 yr, Alva, Scotland
Style: Old Ale   ABV: 8%    17.00

Harviestoun Ola Dubh 18yr, Alva, Scotland
Style: Old Ale   ABV: 8%    19.00

J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Lagavulin), Manchester, UK
Style: English Barleywine   ABV: 11.5%    19.00

Birrifico le Baladin  Super, Italy
Style: Italian Tripel   ABV: 8.0%    16.00

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine, WI
Style:  Barleywine     ABV: 11.2%    10.00

Nebraska Brewing, Melange a Trois 750ml Nebraska
Style: Belgian Style Strong Ale    ABV:10%    35.00   

Belgian & French Ale

There are no styles in Belgium.  Though us Americans will try to attach a name to anything. Overall these beers are full bodied and as versatile as they come.  Try a Saison and mussels to start and you’ll see why the Belgians are considered some of the most relaxed people on the planet.   

Rochefort Trappiste 10*, Rochefort, Belgium
Style: Quad     ABV: 11.3%11.9 oz    13.00

Brasserie D’Orval Orval* Florenville, Belgium
Style: Belgian Pale Ale     ABV: 6.2% 11.2 oz    11.00

Westmalle Dubbel*, Antwerp, Belgium
Style: Dubbel     ABV: 7% 11.2 oz     13.00

Westmalle Triple*, Belgium,
Style: Belgian Triple     ABV: 9.5% 11.2 oz    13.00

Chimay Grand Reserve(Blue), Hainut, Belgium
Style: Quad     ABV: 9% 330 ml     13.00
Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont, Hainut, Belgium
Style: Saison     ABV: 6.5% 330 ml     13.00    

Rodenbach Grand Cru, Roselare, Belgium
Style: Flemish Red Ale    ABV: 6% 750 ml    22.00

Goose Island Sophie, Illinois
Style: Farmhouse Ale      ABV: 6.5%     9.00

Sprecher  ’05 Tripel – Milwaukee, WI
Style: Tripel      ABV: 8.4%    13.00

Sprecher 25th Anniversary Belgian Dubble
Style: Dubbel    ABV: 6.5%    11.00

Nebraska Brewing Melange a Trois 750 ml, Nebraska
Style: Belgian Strong Ale ABV: 10%     35.00

Nebraska Brewing Apricot Au Poivre, Nebraska
Style: Sasion, 750 ml, Saison ABV: 6.5%    35.00

Sierra Nevada Ovila, California, 750ml
Style: Saison ABV: 7%    25.00

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, Quebec, Canada
Style: Tripel    ABV: 9%        8.50

UniBroue Trois Pistoles – Quebec, Canada
Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale   ABV: 9%        8.50

Milwaukee Brewing Co, Booyah, Milwaukee
Style: Saison    ABV: 6.5%    7.00

Dieu de Ciel!, Derniere Volonte, Canada
Style: Belgian Blonde Ale   ABV: 7%    12.00 

*Denotes Certified Trappist

Specialty Beer

These beers are as different as the people serving them to you.  Instead of suggesting a pairing with these, we are gonna let your imagination take you where it will.  

Lakefront Brewery New Grist, Milwaukee, WI
Style: Gluten Free  ABV: 5.75%    6.00

Sprecher Brewing Shakparo, Milwaukee, WI
Style: Gluten Free  ABV: 5.7%    6.00

Williams Brothers Froach, Alloa, Scotland
Style: Heather Ale  ABV: 5%    12.00

Erdinger Sports Drink, Germany
Style: N/A Wheat Beer  ABV: 0.4%    5.00

The Bruery Autumn Maple, California, 750 ml
Style: Fruit Beer  ABV: 10%    23.00

Boon Framboise, Belgium
Style: Fruit Beer 750 ml   ABV: 5%    16.00

Rogue John John Juniper Ale, Ashland OR
Style: Spiced Beer    ABV: 5.2%    19.00    

Birra Del Borgo Duchessa, Italy
Style: Italian Saison   ABV: 5.8%    17.00

New Glarus, Cherry Stout, Wisconsin
Style: Fruit Beer   ABV: 6.5%      9.00 

Ciders & Meads

Ace  Perry Hard Cider, California
Style: Cider     ABV: 5.0 %    7.00

Ace Joker Hard Cider, California
Style: Cider     ABV: 5.0%    7.00

Crispin, Stagger Lee, Minneapolis, MN
Style: Cider    ABV 5%    8.00

Crispin, Browne's Lane, Minneapolis, MN
Style: English Dry Cider    ABV 5.8%    8.00

B. Nektar, Wildflower Mead, Michigan
Style: Mead    ABV 14% 750ml    29.00  

B. Nektar, Orangeblossom Mead, Michigan
Style: Mead    ABV 14%  750ml    29.00  

B. Nektar, Vinilla Cinnamon Mead, Michigan
Style: Mead    ABV 14%  750ml   29.00  

Canned Beer

We never want to forget our roots.  Seriously, who doesn’t love a tall boy.  It makes you feel like you’re in college again.  

Miller Lite, Milwaukee, WI    3.50
Miller High Life, Milwaukee, WI    3.50

Budweiser, St. Louis, MO    3.50

Bud Light,  St. Louis, MO    3.50

Blue Moon, Denver, CO    5.00

Coors, Golden, CO     3.50

Heineken, Amsterdam    5.00

Schlitz,  Milwaukee, WI     3.50

Pabst ‘Blue Ribbon’,  Milwaukee, WI    3.50

Guiness Draught, Ireland    6.00

Pilsner Urquell, Czech Republic    5.00

Tallgrass “Rooster” Belgian Trippel, Kansas    7.00

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