Months of research and an unknown amount of taste-testing went into the development of The Rumpus Room's beer list incorporating 25 drafts, 150 domestic, craft and rare beers you don't have to leave the country to taste. Options include firkins and beer on the engine (a device for dispensing beer using a pump operated by hand). Highlights from the hotly debated and frequently-changing draft beer list include: UniBroue Raftman, Hitachino Nest White Ale, NOgne Imperial Brown Ale, G. Schneider & Sohn Avenitus.

The spirits offerings are divided between an exhaustive "brown liquor" list made up of more than 75 bourbons, 75 scotches, 50 whiskeys, 50 rums, 25 tequilas. Craft cocktails are produced in rare, small-batch productions with a special focus on local producers, house-made reductions, syrups and house barrel-aged cocktails.

We are proud to offer wines from the Niven Family Estates available by the glass or carafe as well as 50 bottles under $50 and 25 that are not.



Originally consumed for its medicinal benefits, Brandy was being distilled as early as 900 A.D, and consumed socially in the Spanish Courts by the 13th century.

Korbel    6.00    8.00


A French Brandy produced in the southern region of Gascony, Armagnac production dates back to the 15th century.  Due to the colder climate the grapes endure, Armagnac develops a more robust charactered flavor than the more delicate Cognac.

Tariquet Classique    7.00    9.00
Cerbois Bas Armagnac VSOP    8.50    12.00
Darroze Armagnac Reserve    11.00    16.00
Daron Calvados Fine    8.00    12.00


A fine French Brandy, Cognac is made in the small region around the town of Cognac in the southwest of France.  Widely appreciated by connoisseurs for its subtle flavors of nuts, aged leather, fruit and overripe bananas, Cognac is the preeminent after dinner drink.

Bache Gabrielsen Classic XO    10.00    15.00
Courvoisier VSOP    9.50    13.00
Delamain Vesper    12.00    19.00
Hennessy VS    9.00    12.50
Hennessy VSOP Privelege    11.00    16.00
Pierre Ferrand Select des Anges    12.00    19.00
Pierre Ferrand Cigare des Dieux    10.50    15.00
Pierre Ferrand 1840    8.50    12.50   


Grahams 10 yr       7.00    9.00
Grahams 20 yr    9.00    14.50
Heitz Cellars "Ink" Grade    7.50    11.00


Gaia & Rey     12.00
Banfi     10.50
Badia a Coltibuono    14.50
Il Poggione Grappa di Brunello     18.00
Ue Nonino Cru     15.50

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