Months of research and an unknown amount of taste-testing went into the development of The Rumpus Room's beer list incorporating 25 drafts, 150 domestic, craft and rare beers you don't have to leave the country to taste. Options include firkins and beer on the engine (a device for dispensing beer using a pump operated by hand). Highlights from the hotly debated and frequently-changing draft beer list include: UniBroue Raftman, Hitachino Nest White Ale, NOgne Imperial Brown Ale, G. Schneider & Sohn Avenitus.

The spirits offerings are divided between an exhaustive "brown liquor" list made up of more than 75 bourbons, 75 scotches, 50 whiskeys, 50 rums, 25 tequilas. Craft cocktails are produced in rare, small-batch productions with a special focus on local producers, house-made reductions, syrups and house barrel-aged cocktails.

We are proud to offer wines from the Niven Family Estates available by the glass or carafe as well as 50 bottles under $50 and 25 that are not.



Viva la Revolucion!!!    11.00
Our Featured Tequila producer named its Tequila after the Chinaco, or warriors, who defended Mexico and Her people, why not try a little of their liquid courage.

    Chinaco Silver
    Chinaco Reposado
    Chinco Anejo

Please, don’t waste these wonderful tequilas by throwing them down your throats!! Take a second, and enjoy these outstanding examples of what great Tequila is.

    Clase Azul
    Tres Manos 3 year
    Del Maguey Tobal


Named for its color and also referred to as silver, blanco is a young version of tequila aged in stainless steel which imparts no flavor on the spirit, or in some cases may be aged up to 2 months in neutral wooden barrels.

Avion Silver    8.50    12.00
Chinaco Silver    8.00    11.50
Espolon    7.00    9.00
Milagro    7.00    9.00
Patron Silver    8.50    12.00
Ocho    8.50    12.00
Riazul    8.50    12.00


Translated as “rested” to be considered a reposado, the tequila must be aged for a mínimum of 2 months but not more than 1 year in oak barrels which turns it into a richer more complex spirit than its blanco counterparts.

Cabo Wabo    8.50    12.00
Casa Noble    8.00    11.50
Cazadores    8.00    15.50
El Mayor    8.00    11.50
Ocho    8.50    12.00
Chinaco Reposado    8.50    12.00
Patrida    9.50    14.50
Corzo    9.00    12.50


Must be aged a mínimum of 1 year but not more than 3 years in smaller oak barrels, the use of whiskey or bourbon barrels in particularly popular again leading to an even more smooth, rich and complex spirit.

Avion Anejo    9.50    14.50
Chinaco Reposado Anjo Agave    9.00    12.50
Don Eduardo    9.50    14.50
Riazul    9.50    14.50
Tres Manos 3 Year    11.00    16.00
Cava de Oro Anejo    8.50    12.00


Mainly produced around the city of Oaxaca, mezcal is a category of spirit that tequila falls into, but not all mezcal is necessarily tequila. In mezcal production the Pina, or heart of the agave plant is cooked by using wood charcoal, which impregnates the resulting spirit with a smoky flavor.

Del Maguey Crema    8.00    11.50    
Del Maguey Abogado    12.00    19.00
Del Maguey Tobal    10.50    15.50

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